Valuing a Mobile Home in Jacksonville Florida

A state like Florida, with its tropical climate, is full of mobile home (MH) parks, Jacksonville being one of the hot spots for these properties. As of April 2020, It is estimated that Florida had manufactured the second-highest count of mobile homes at 38,792. In 2018, according to US census data, Florida was only second to Texas in the production of mobile homes, and an estimate places over 800,000 Floridians living in mobile homes. These numbers are staggering, with such a prominent mobile home community, it is essential to properly understand how mobile homes are valued.

Probate Fraud in Orlando FL- Everything you need to know

We buy homes in Orlando Florida. In the United States, inheritance or probate fraud is most prevalent in Florida. In no way is this implying that Floridians have a comprised integrity, but primarily due to Florida being a paradise for the elderly and retirees. Probate or inheritance fraud can take many forms making it all the more deceptive.

Investing in Condominiums in Boca Raton FL

We buy houses in Boca Raton. Often dubbed as the Beverly Hills of Florida Boca Raton is a beautiful south Florida city lush with breathtaking beaches, museums, and jazz clubs to say the least. Currently, its real estate market remains a strong buyers’ market and the dazzling upmarket area is projected to grow over the next financial year, making it a prime spot for potential investment.

5 Home Improvement ideas that increase the value of your Tampa Home

We buy homes in Tampa Florida. To get the highest sales price on your beautiful beach city home, you may consider making home improvements that can bump up the market value. Selling on MLS is not always sunshine and flowers, and it can end up being a big-budget affair when you consider a real estate agent’s commission and all the closing costs.

Is your Florida House to Code? Understanding Code Violations

Code violations are something most homeowners have heard of, but often misunderstand and or fail to realize the consequences of simply looking the other way. Heavy sanctions and fines from the HOA or city are not the only issues here, If you think “I want to sell my house Miami” but it has open code violations, you will not be going through a walk in the park, just simply a difficult and stressful proposition.

Tax Consequences while selling an inherited house in Miami FL

Since we buy houses Miami, we are fully aware that selling inherited property is not the easiest thing to do. An abundance of pleasant memories can be difficult to let go of especially if you lived with the deceased. While Florida has no inheritance tax, there are other mandatory expenses that come along with new property ownership. Unfortunately, this additional financial obligation is not feasible for everyone to bear and you may have to bid farewell to the home.

3 Tips to Sell Your Home Cheaply in Fort Lauderdale FL

Even in a seller’s market, when you think “I want to sell my house Fort Lauderdale” you can be entering in an expensive affair if you go the traditional route. Many sellers do not realize the drain it can have on your bank account, given how long it can take to sell on the market.

Guide to Selling a home in Probate in Miami FL

We buy houses Miami in any situation. We know that selling a home, you inherited is difficult for several reasons. You juggle several things at once, dealing with emotions and sentiment towards a deceased loved one, a complicated probate process, and finally, an added financial responsibility.

Real estate Agent or Investor? Pros and Cons

2020 has been a tumultuous time, especially for the US housing market; therefore, you may be thinking “It’s impossible to sell my house Daytona beach” or another city in Florida. The peak pandemic period was rough, with rent and potential foreclosure crisis imminent. However, as we move into the post-pandemic recovery phase, the US housing market has started to pick up, forecasts indicate significant growth that very well may carry into 2021. One of the major factors fuelling this upward trend is a steady rise in demand as Americans seek more living space, and a significant supply shortage- home prices are on the rise.