Tips for a Successful Open House in Fort Lauderdale FL!

We buy homes in Fort Lauderdale FL. In today’s world, an open house is not the best way to generate interest or leads to your house. You may host a lot of people, but frankly, the number of serious offers or interest received is quite low and dwindling. A survey conducted in 2019 reflects that close to 50% of top realtors do not always recommend open houses. An open house is not for everyone and every property, given some of the drawbacks it has.

Best time to sell a house in Miami Florida

We buy houses in Miami FL. Selling a home can be a precise science, several elements need to come together in harmony to achieve a satisfactory outcome. One important element that is easy to overlook is timing. Timing is everything, in life, and real estate too! The month or season you sell your home in, certainly has a hand in influencing the sales price and even encouraging buyer behavior. With 2021 fast approaching, if you are looking to sell your home this year, might as well wait till the best-suited conditions!

Mistakes to avoid while selling your house in Tampa FL

We buy houses in Tampa FL. During the final quarter of 2020, lured in by low mortgage rates, the US housing market began to recover with buyers staying in the market, pushing the prices higher and the market out of its slump given the serious hit from the initial stages of the Coronavirus pandemic. This trend is likely to continue into 2021 with various surveys predicting strong growth in home sales and home prices. In 2020, the median US house prices grew at a rate of 12.2%, with the median price being $350,000. With home prices forecasted to grow this year, some of you may be preparing to sell your home and generate a generous profit margin.

Solutions for Homeowners struggling with their Mortgage in Boca Raton FL

We buy houses in Boca Raton. As we quickly approach the one-year mark of the coronavirus pandemic, the world is still very much in recovery mode, given the tremendous impact on the rising levels of unemployment and income loss. Multiple homeowners across the US continue to live in fear of being another foreclosure statistic, given the worrisome coronavirus induced US mortgage and rent crisis was set in motion a few months ago.

FSBO Pros and Cons in Orlando, Florida

We buy homes in Orlando, Florida. FSBO or For sale By owner is most definitely a term you would have heard before. FSBO is a process wherein the owner is responsible for selling his/her property; no agents are involved. Usually, this path is taken to avoid hefty commissions and fees levied by real estate agents. The FSBO route is a bit of a dark horse in the real estate industry; those wanting to be the master of their destiny and a lone wolf seem to love it, and those who are more inexperienced, risk-averse, and place high trust in the proven methods of selling a house, tend to shun FSBO.

3 Negotiation Tips for selling your Orlando Home!

We buy homes in Orlando. Selling your home is one of the biggest financial transactions one usually makes in his or her lifetime. To leverage the best deal possible, you may have to buckle down and get ready for some tough negotiation, and it is crucial you are in the driver’s seat. Negotiating a fair sales price while selling via MLS is even more significant given the numerous volumes of expenses and commissions that are associated with the process. In this post, we hope to share three tactics you can use to strengthen your negotiation skills and techniques!

Niche Real Estate Investments In Fort Lauderdale, FL

We buy homes in Fort Lauderdale, FL. When we write ‘niche’ real estate investments, we refer to an idea that is unique and stands out compared to more traditional options. For example, unlike conventional real estate investing methods, niche areas are something you do not see every day, perhaps provoking reactions of confusion, surprise, and realization that it’s a hidden gem. If you diversifying your real estate portfolio is of interest to you, continue reading this post where we discuss and analyze real estate niches in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Sellers Closing Costs in Tampa Florida

We buy homes in Tampa, FL. If you are considering selling your Tampa, Florida home, understanding how much it can cost you is an intelligent first step, not many take. Closing is the final stage in any real estate transaction, and closing costs, also known as settlement fees, are the final array of costs both buyers and sellers must incur to finalize the home sale. However, on average, these costs often vary on the home price in Flordia, and sellers can expect to pay anywhere between 1-3% of the final sales price in closing costs, not including a 5-7% agent commission.

How to Flip Properties in Orlando FL

We buy houses in Orlando. The sunshine state has always offered up some of the most desirable real estate in the country. For those passionate about real estate investing, flipping properties has been a well-established and proven method to make very generous returns on your investment. For clarity, flipping property refers to the process of a real estate investor buying a distressed property, often that are priced well below what they would appraise too.

Real Estate Fraud in Miami FL, Stay Aware!

Over the last few years, South Florida cities like Miami have been a breeding ground for real estate fraud. In late 2019, research conducted by property data company Core Logic established that South Florida was the nation’s capital, in real estate fraud. Not only are your local everyday families getting scammed, but the exposition of huge Ponzi schemes has certainly revealed how frightening and dangerous the situation is. In October 2019, Robert H Shapiro the former CEO of a South Florida real estate company; the Woodbridge Group, was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for wire and mail fraud by the Miami Federal court. Shapiro was the sole perpetrator of 1.3-billion-dollar real estate fraud, targeting the elderly and retirees.